How many times do you get back from an amazing vacation and try to think back on what your favorite things you did, what was not so great?
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July 20, 2017


issue 92


Tammy Murphy





Hi first name,


I hope you are having an awesome week!  It is true, the next best thing to GOING to Ireland, Italy, Paris, etc is to sharing that experience through your client's facebook posts and hearing their incredible stories over lunch after they return.


It is truly a "work of heart", I don't think I have ever spent less than 20 hours on an individual trip!  That may sound crazy to many and you may wonder if I send people to these destinations all the time, what could possibly take so much time?? Well, I truly believe that YOUR trip is worth it and I appreciate your heard earned vacation dollars AND your vacation time!  So naturally, I don't want to just match that picture in your head of the best vacation, I want to EXCEED your expectations.  So I'm brainstorming constantly, listening to all of the little comments you make to me to make it truly customized and special for you!  So please share with me everything you THINK you would like to do and see on your vacation, I love what I do and it makes me truly happy to create these wonderful experiences for you. 


MEMORIES . . . In the feature article below, Justin shares some great tips on sharing your memories!


And don't forget to SHARE them with us too!  Recently, some of our clients treated Justin and I to lunch and when I asked (and I always do), "What was your single most favorite thing about the trip?"  The answer was THE DRIVER - I love it!!!!  What that tells me is "we made the right pick!"--I know that they learned and experienced way more of their destination than they thought they would.  They learned about the REAL destination, not just the destination you see on social media. They were able to "feel" like a local, and I know those memories are going to mean so much more than standing in front of gorgeous backdrop and rushing on to the next landmark!!    THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR STORIES with us!!


I have the most incredible working friendships with people across the world, people that I can depend on that know the country like the back of their hands and I know they share their personal experiences of their homeland, it is the BEST history lesson EVER, but it doesn't feel like a lesson.  In some countries, like Ireland, you may be with your driver for 8 days ...  I have to be SURE its the right person for you - that's a lot of time together.    Call me, when you are ready to meet my friends from around the world for YOUR next vacation!


I love waking up to this:  Text from clients this morning:  "We are here.  It is FABULOUS!!"





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Smart phones these days can take great photos and videos, but there are a few simple things to know to make sure your memories are captured best. Try a few little tricks, shooting great photos/video with your smartphone will be as easy as 1-2-3 and the footage will look like it was taken by a professional.  YES, you have amazing potential to capture incredible photos/videos right in the palm of your hand

Ample Lighting is Crucial

Try to capture your photos in brightly lit areas to  avoid unnecessary shadows over faces and grainy/blurry areas in your picture. Most smart phones these days offer touch focusing if you find your camera/phone is focusing on the wrong area of your portrait just tap on the screen where you'd like it to focus. Once you're finishing setting the focus on the most aweinspiring aspect of the photo, your camera's automatic exposure control will have an easier time making small adjustments if lighting conditions begin to change. Now with all of the additions to the smart phone camera's they do most of the hard part for you.


Be Aware of Background Noise

The quality of your audio effects is just as important, if not more, than the quality of your visual effects. It’s oh so common to hear wind and other unnecessary environmental noise that will completely drown out or distort any important audio while shooting a video outside. Try to shoot your video in a quieter place or protected from wind and other audible distractions, or maybe indoors if possible with less ambient noise. If you have to video in the elements, stay close to the audio source you're recording and try to shelter the phone’s microphone (without covering it completely) with your hand or body to protect it from other sounds. You can even purchase microphone for your iphone.


Try to Avoid Shooting Portrait Mode (Vertical) Video

We live in a tecnocentric world now, everything we do get's blasted all over the internet due to facebook, instagram, snapchat, and various other social media applications and nearly all of them focus with a landscape (horizontal) orientation template. Laptops, televisions, social media, smart phones, and websites are all examples where a vertical video probably won’t tell the whole story due to the automatic cropping or "drag to fit" features. Try holding your phone horizontally and you’ll get everything you need in your snapshot.

Try to Avoid Using the Zoom Feature on Your Phone

As tempting as it is to use the zoom feature since it’s built into your phone to expand your shot, try to avoid it because the lens isn’t zooming optically therefore the picture is getting bigger but the pixels are going to getting blurry (like if you try to blow up a 3x5 picture into a 8x10, you will see a visible blur because the picture wasnt formatted for that). When you use the zoom feature, you’re just enlarging the picture digitally, which means you will quickly enter the world of unsightly pixels and an unusable video. There are multiple clip-on lens adapters that work great for wider shots and some even add great effects like fisheye, bubble, etc.

Keep it Steady, Eddy

Keeping your phone or camera as steady as possible is probably the most important part of capturing a clear focused photograph or video. A selfie stick (or tripod for cameras) comes in handy and will help to keep your shots clear and steady. If handheld, try your absolute best to keep your camera as steady as possible, using both hands will help to keep it focused. The shot doesn’t have to be perfectly steady, especially with all the advancement in your cameras and smart phones, but the steadier the better.

There's an APP for that

Most built-in camera apps work well, and there are plenty of downloadable apps that will take your photography skill to the next level, allowing you to tinker with color, focus, exposure, fast and slow motion, depth effect, and time-lapse images.  Ask your friends which apps they love, and try a few.  You will enjoy reliving your vacation with these tips to improve your video and photo skills. I like to use Camera+ for scenery and either FaceTune or Airbrush for portraits. (pictured below taken with iPhone 5s using Camera+ app in France)



Have Fun With It!

The most important thing about capturing photographs is to use it to take "a snapshot in time" to remember the experience and preserve lasting memories, so have fun, explore the world and make sure to tag us when you show off your photography skills @VIPTravelExperience! The more energy you put into it, the better your photos will be. Capture as much as you can and remember to look for those special active and meaningful moments as well as those gorgeous scenic landscapes that will look great in your photos.  (P.S.  don't get too caught up in the photos that you MISS the moment).

Email me I would love to hear where your visions are taking you?  Together we can create the best vacation experience for YOU.  It's a big world out there -- we hope you EXPERIENCE it. 


Email me, I would love to help you plan the vacation of a lifetime?  Together we can create the best vacation experience for YOU.  It's a big world out there -- we hope you EXPERIENCE it.

About Tammy & Rob

Tammy and Rob are a brother and sister team.  Rob has worked around the globe and knows how important it is to retreat from the busy work environment, but also knows how much planning and research are involved in finding the little secrets hiding in each destination or epic world event.  Tammy owned her own business for 12 years and realized the toll it takes on the business owner and family and the importance of disconnecting.  She has always been passionate about travel and is dedicated to helping busy professionals reconnect with family & friends through bucket list travels.  Life is short, and we never know what the future holds, so we want your vacation to be a special experience.

We wholeheartedly believe that vacation is about the whole EXPERIENCE -don't let life getaway from you.


Why use VIP Travel Experience?

Because our MISSION is VIP treatment for all of our clients.  VIP is a boutique travel concierge firm that designs exceptional travel experiences for busy professionals.  VIP ensures that you are well taken care on your journey. We take pride in finding the little secrets that make your vacation an authentic "travel experience".  We are proud to show you that we go well beyond booking a hotel and airfare, we plan remarkable itineraries that mean the WORLD to you.  We care about the stories you've heard and the memories you bring home to share.