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Turkey is one of the six independent Turkic states. The country's official language is Turkish, which is spoken by approximately 85% of the population as mother tongue. The most numerous ethnic group are Turks, who constitute between 70% and 75% of the population according to the World Fact book. Kurds are the largest minority and, according to the same source, number around 18% of the population while other minorities are estimated to be at 7-12%. The vast majority of the population is Muslim.
What We Do
Considered to be the nightlife capital of Turkey, Bodrum has enough discos and clubs on just one street - Cumhuriyet, nicknamed "Barstreet" - to keep the parties going late into the night and early into the morning. Follow the crowds and flashing neon lights and you’ll arrive in Halicarnas, a nightclub to end all nightclubs. Halicarnas also puts on a light show that you can enjoy from the outside, and see for blocks. 
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If you don't let the line of people waiting to get in and the steep cover price discourage you, you'll get to hobnob with Turkey’s young and beautiful as well as dance the night away. Along by the marina there are several well known and more upscale bar/restaurants where you can watch the Turkish jet set at play. Bodrum has bars to suit all ages and all tastes, whether you want high energy dance or just a low key laid back intimate drink.
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The Anatolian peninsula, comprising most of modern Turkey, is one of the oldest permanently settled regions in the world. Gobekli Tepe is the site of the oldest known man-made religious structure, a temple dating to 10,000 BC, while Catalhoyuk is a very large Neolithic and Chalcolithic settlement in southern Anatolia, which existed from approximately 7500 BCE to 5700 BCE. It is the largest and best-preserved Neolithic site found to date.

turkey vip travel experience
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