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Posted by Tammy Murphy

January 3, 2016 at 6:00 PM


I get so many requests for all-inclusive resorts, it goes something like this:  "I don't care where  just find me an all-inclusive!! I don't want to worry about anything-no decisions, no worries, no wallet?"  I get it, really I do, life is so busy, isn't it nice to escape the world of questions and decisions?  WOW, I had the pleasure of experiencing paradise several times, and they were all completely different.  But it's OK, I'll make that decision easy for you.  There are many wonderful options, from couples-only, adults-only, families, sports focus, food and wine themed, multi-generational focused, the options are many. There is no "one size fits all" so I definitely want to know more about my clients interests before suggesting the perfect all inclusive for them. sandpiper.jpg

Another common question is:  "Is there an all-inclusive in Hawaii?"  The short answer is no.  There is only one all-inclusive resort located in the United States.  Club Med (pictured above) offers a premium all-inclusive sports resort in Florida, a haven for families and home to the Club Med Academies.  Located right on the St. Lucie River (short drive from Miami), this resort has the ideal Floridian all-inclusive vacation packages for active families that want to engage in sports, professional coaching, and fitness programs offered at the exclusive Club Med Academies.  Club Med Academies is comprised of Club Med Tennis Academy, Club Med Golf Academy, Club Med Beach Volleyball Academy, Club Med Fitness Academy and Club Med Triathon Academy.  The perfect winter getaway without the extra cost of flying to a tropical island.  Luxurious accomodations, gourmet dining, exciting excursions, and luxury spa accommodations. This family resort welcomes children of all ages, with supervision from 4 months old. 

The majority of all inclusive resorts are found in Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.  Mexico has in excess of 500 all inclusive resorts which is great for the traveler since competition drives the most "bang for your buck".  Please note that ratings of resorts (unless it is a large chain with AAA rating) in Mexico and Caribbean are subjective, and for the most part are rated by the clients and owners.  One great advantage of booking with a travel agent is they are likely affiliated with a consortia and/or colleagues that have in many cases visited and reviewed the resorts themselves.  

karismae.jpgWhen choosing an all inclusive in Mexico, here are few interesting notes:   The East Coast has a more caribbean feel boasting flatter terrain surrounded by jungle and mangrove areas with turquoise blue water and fine, pure white sand; while the West Coast feels more Hawaiian beachy, yet mountainous with lush dense jungle, dark blue waters  and light brown sand.    Mexico is also chosen frequently because of the short flight time and even though you've visited Mexico before, its quite possible to experience a completely different vacation on the East vs. the West coast.   My favorite area in Mexico is Riviera Maya.

puntacanahardrock.jpgComing in second with the most all inclusive resorts is Dominican Republic which will be the next best value for the your dollar.  European and Canadian travelers visit here for their "beach fix" due to the non-stop flights from these locations.  The most popular area is Punta Cana which is on the Atlantic side and easiest to get to.  However, LaRomana, on the Caribbean coast and Puerto Plata which is more of historic city are growing in popularity but may take from 1-2 hours and the flight schedule is not as attractive. 

ocjsgor_m07.jpg  sandalsochi.jpg

ocjsgor_r04.jpg  ocjsgor_r06.jpg

And let's not forget about Jamaica which usually comes in third in the "bang for your buck" competition because there are not as many all inclusive resorts here. Jamaica is valued by travelers for its remote location and a favorite for those looking for romance.  The most popular areas are Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios.  Montego Bay is chosen for the convenience to airport, beautiful beaches. shopping and night life.  Negril with its flatter terrain boasts the best and longest beaches and beautiful sunsets.  Ocho Rios is my favorite in Jamaica for its mountainous and jungle feel. 

These mentioned are the areas that most people already know about, come back in a few days to learn more about Costa Rica, Panama, ST. LUCIA, Antiqua, Aruba, Grenada, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, St. Thomas, Barbados and St. Martin.   I've been to five of these, but two are on my list for this year.  Which one are you dying to see?

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