What's Your Travel Personality?

Posted by Tammy Murphy

March 10, 2017 at 7:38 AM

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Travel heightens the experiences life gives us. It caters to the unique interests of each discerning wanderer. Taking ideal journeys for food and wine lovers, history buffs, families, the culturally curious and anyone who dreams of exploring this great wide world we live in.
Each personality of traveler is different in what is the priority for the trip and it's our job as a Travel Expert to figure out what type of traveler YOU are and customize your vacation to be exactly what you have dreamed and hoped it would be. There are many different personalities for travelers and none are mutually exclusive. Below are just a few examples of travel personalities, which personality can you relate to best?
Foodie:  They seem to enjoy the culture and culinary experience from many different destinations and may be more interested in wine tastings, and authentic cooking classes over the typical sights and landmarks.
Escape ArtistsFor those choosing to escape for the holidays or escaping with the whole family and make it just a little more special, like Christmas in thScreen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.20.53 AM.pnge Swiss Alps. These clients would probably prefer something cozy and more intimate to enjoy the company they're with as well as the scenery surrounding them. This client wants experiences to last a life time and add a little something extra to the festivities. Some activities may include dining or cooking class in home of local chef or in clients private villa renal, as opposed to cooking school.
All adventurers are not alike!
Active adventurer:  Testing their limits is what this traveler is all about. Clients that want action and adventure are usually going to want more secluded destinations that have kayaking, rock climbing, zip lining, hot air ballooning.  Anything to get that adrenaline flowing.  Yet the wanderer can be anywhere enjoying the exploration and immersing themselves in the culture maybe taking leisurely hikes or what about biking through wine country.
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HISTORY BUFFS:  These clients love history, museums, and the arts. The client will be more prone to traveling to older, historically rich destinations. The want to see and hear about everything. They thirst for knowledge and are anxiously observing all the sights and sounds around them. Gearing the vacation to landmarks and museums, or maybe even the occasional castle.  These clients may enjoy after-hours tour of museums and other tours along these lines.

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