Best Vacation . . . What Ignites Your Happy?

Posted by Tammy Murphy

May 28, 2016 at 9:00 AM


What is the best vacation?  That's a great question and also the million dollar question.  

I get many emails and phone calls asking me that very question, OR what I think about Destination X because Sally went and said it was fabulous!!   Friends are always great resources for travels, but before you put all of your vacation dollars on Destination X that ignited Sally's happy, ask yourself, do we like to do the same things?
FABULOUS vacation to . . . Betsy is lying on the beach all day from sunup to sunset enjoying cute umbrella drinks;  Candace enjoys packing her itinerary with every iconic site there is to see while traveling 90 to nothing across 3 countries;  Bob enjoys going off the beaten path, eating at the authentic "hole in the wall" local spots and really connecting with the locals. Tom enjoys hiking the Grand Canyon and sleeping in a teepee.  Sally enjoys luxury service in her private villa with a chef and housekeeper so that all of her time can be spent in the pool with her children, etc.  You see my point, While chilling at an all inclusive resort may be perfect for Sally, Candace would go nuts on that vacation. 
My goal is to get to know the interests, hobbies and past travel experiences so that I can guide you to the vacation that is best for you.    Three questions that will help you get a jump start on finding that perfect vacation:
First is what does the setting look like?  Does it include beautiful swaying palm trees on a quiet white-sand beach surrounded by 52 shades of turqoise?  Maybe its a city vibrating with a wide variety of nightlife, shows, casinos and shopping?  Or a luxurious resort where you don't need to lift a finger, his and her spa treatments, golf, excursions? Maybe its a secluded cabin in the woods, mountains or rainforest with a serenaded by frogs and crickets?
Secondly, what is my budget?  This is probably the driving factor, some vacations are more value while others are more bucketlist vacations.
Third, what activities are you doing in your mental picture?  reading, exploring, communing with nature, soft adventure, extreme adventure?  And ask everyone in group the same questions.  Think about what is important to you once you arrive and then what memories you want to come home with.   Discuss all of these ideas with your travel professional.  The more information and details she has the better experience you will get.  There are millions of options.  
Email me with all the little ideas in your mental picture, together we can create the best vacation experience for YOU.  It's a big world out there -- we hope you EXPERIENCE it.

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