Vacation of a lifetime planned!  What could go wrong? Here's the skinny on travel insurance!

Posted by Tammy Murphy

August 28, 2019 at 11:26 PM

Think your health insurance or credit card covers you with insurance while you are traveling on your dream vacation?  You would be AMAZED at what they don't cover and how critical it is to purchase travel insurance from a reputable third party insurance company like Allianz Insurance because the country you are visiting does not accept any medical insurance. 
Don't just take my word for it, open your passport, the U.S. government recommends that you purchase travel insurance before you leave home.   Is travel insurance right for you. ask any jet setter, globe hopper, or traveler that has had a medical emergency or family medical emergency while traveling .   I wouldn't recommend you do this unless I do, and I absolutely purchase travel insurance for each and every trip, sometimes that may be 4-6 per year.  In the last three months, I have helped 2 young couples (plus myself) make claims for unforeseen travel cancellation or interruption.    In fact, it is SO important that we are required to obtain a waiver if travelers choose NOT to purchase travel insurance. 
1.  What is it?
  • Travel insurance is insurance to give us peace of mind financially and otherwise in stressful and unexpected challenges.  Would you purchase a ring, car, etc without insuring it?  So why would you risk not insuring your dream vacation experience or bucket list trip? 
  • Your vacation time and dollars are precious, coverage may include both costs incurred before your trip like non-refundable event, air or hotel stays, and during your trip, including travel interruption and medical expenses.  
  • Depending on coverage elected, coverage may include health benefits,  luggage delayed (buy new outfit), medical evacuation or simply sharing helpful concierge information.
  • It's a lifeline, they are there for you when your travel consultant may be sleeping, 24/7/365 hotline assistance.  They speak many languages and are an extension of our helping hands when you need real-time help in emergency situations, including medical evacuation and pre-trip assistance.
  • Cost is minimal compared to risk.
 2.  Why Do I Need It
  • No one WANTS to cancel their long awaited vacation of a lifetime, but sometimes due to circumstances beyond your control, trip cancellation becomes necessary (50% of the trips, in fact).  Cancellation before you go for covered reasons, based on coverage chosen are entitled to 100% reimbursement, including non-refundable trip payments and deposits.
  • Interruption while you are traveling (you or family member).  You may think the airlines are required to put you in a room if your flight is canceled or delayed.  When they are at fault, they may offer assistance, but they aren't required to.  What if your family member at home is injured or becomes very ill while you are traveling and cases you to end your trip prematurely?
  • Lost, damaged or stolen baggage?  This too happens more than you think.  What if you arrive at your destination with no luggage?    This is just one small benefit of travel insurance.
  • Medical coverage while traveling (medical insurance rarely provides coverage while traveling internationally). Most people are completely surprised by this.
  • Medical evacuation is very complex, however, if you purchased this coverage with Allianz travel insurance that becomes much easier.  Travelers in need will be assigned a case manager to assist you and may coordinate with doctors and nurses of University of Virginia that may work with translators, etc during the emergency.  Depending on need, they will arrange to get you to the nearest medical facility, then work on getting you back to U.S. to the best medical facility.  If you are hospitalized, they may bring family member to you to have support while you are away.   If you do not have third party travel insurance, you will not be picked up unless you pay $20,000 up front (right in middle of medical emergency).  This may cost from $90,000-and up.  This happens more frequently than you can imagine.
3.  Not all insurance providers are created equal
  • Cruise lines specialize in cruises, suppliers specialize in their resorts or destinations, leave the insurance to the insurance experts.   Third party insurers protect the interest of the insured, not the supplier.
  • Insurance offered by your credit card may cover some benefits of travel insurance IF you use that card for each travel expense, but it will not give you the medical coverage/evacuation which is where the cost skyrockets.
4.  Best time to purchase
  • You can purchase up until day before travel, however for the best coverage it should be purchased the insurance on the day (within days) of purchase.
  • Insurance cost is based on age of traveler and cost of trip. 
  • Even if traveling within the United States, it is still important because you will be out of your insurance network and even minor emergency room visits may cost well above what you would pay for insurance premium.
  • What if you booked your trip online before you learned about us at VIP Travel Experience, Click here to contact us and we can still assist you in purchasing your travel insurance even if your trip is already booked.  If you have particular concerns about your situation, we are happy to add Allianz support on the line with us.

5.  There is an APP FOR THAT

  • Travel Smart app is a great reference for hospitals, translation for first aid terms.  Flight stats, not all countries use 911.  All inclusive app to get really great travel information.  The Travel Smart app is free to download on your smart phone. 
Of course, we hope you never have to cancel, interrupt your trip, but we sleep easier knowing your are covered if the unforeseen happens.  It is a minimal cost compared to the value of what you might lose should you not have it.


Email me, I would love to help you plan the vacation of a lifetime?  Together we can create the best vacation experience for YOU.  It's a big world out there -- we hope you EXPERIENCE it.

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