Top 10 beaches in Ibiza to visit on your luxury vacation

Posted by Robert Landen

October 24, 2013 at 5:00 PM


Pou des Lleo


A big part of the Ibiza VIP experience is enjoying one of the many incredible beaches Ibiza has to offer. Here are the top ten beaches you'll want to make a note to visit while you're there.

Cala San Vicente - just below the hills of Ibiza's northeastern tip, this half moon-shaped beach features golden sand and crystal waters. The palm trees, mountains and cliffs create breathtaking views. 

Aguas Blancas - located on the northeastern coastline lies a beach that welcomes exploration. Rocky cliffs, dark sand and blue waters make this beach perfect to enjoy a day of swimming. 

Pou Des Lleo - this horseshoe-shaped beach which features pebbled sand and beautiful cliffs just is located northeast of Santa Eulalia. You'll see several fishing huts around the bay, and snorkeling is very popular. 

Cala De Boix - north of Cala Mastella, this beach is very popular with luxury yacht owners. The clear waters and the dark gray sand create a lovely atmosphere for snorkeling and body surfing. 

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Cala Mastella - located just past San Carlos, this beach carries a "bohemian-type" atmosphere, and the base of the water is covered with stones. Both tourists and locals enjoy snorkeling here.

Cala Llenya - southeast of San Carlos near Cala Mastella, the white sand and beautiful turquoise waters are great for swimming, which makes it popular for families. It's also filled with various picnic areas and beach restaurants. 

Cala Nova - located on the east coast, just past Es Canar, this beach has excellent surfing conditions. The golden sand and rocky red cliffs create a beautiful backdrop next to the pine tree-covered hills. 

Cala Martina - this beach which features soft sand with a beautiful view down the coast is located beside Es Canar on the east coast. The light breeze offers some relief from the summer heat, and water sports are very popular here. 
Cala Pada

S'Argamassa - between Santa Eulalia and Es Canar on the east coast, this beach is home to parasailors and windsurfers. Be sure to arrive early because space is limited for this popular Ibiza beach. 

Cala Pada - this beach, located on the east coast between Santa Eulalia and Es Canar, is a favorite for families. In addition to the sparkling water and soft sand, a long wooden walkway stretches far out into the sea. 

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