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Posted by Tammy Murphy

September 30, 2019 at 7:59 AM


Anticipation of Vacation is Half of the Fun?


IMG_5934 2


I love the gorgeous weather of fall and the excitement of getting outdoors and being comfortable.  Before we know it January will be here.   What does January mean to you?  Is it time to start thinking about vacation.   One of our busiest planning seasons begins January 1.  I am SO proud of the many clients that have already planned their 2019 & 2020 vacations.  WOW!   I love to see people plan their work lives around vacation, rather than vacation around their work life.  


One  of the most exciting parts of vacation is the anticipation.  I don't know about you, but I'm planning my vacation while I'm on my current vacation and its catching on with many of our clients too.  As we meet to give them their documents, we leave planning their next adventure.  


This has to be the sweetest phone call I received this week:  

"I didn't want to save this until we returned because we are just so excited. We are having the most AMAZING TIME (I could feel the heartfelt emotion).  We were super exhausted after the international flight, but our guide was absolutely amazing, so knowledgeable and she knew exactly what we were interested in .   THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!"   (guess what, we are already planning their next trip before their plane was in the air for this trip).


We LOVE these fabulous emails, texts and facebook messages  about how thrilled you are with our LOCAL drivers and guides.  We love taking advantage of OUR relationships with on the ground experts that we trust our own family with. 


We would love to do the same for you! 

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Simply Sicily

Posted by Tammy Murphy

September 29, 2019 at 9:18 AM


Why Sicily?


I've just started a great new book as recommended by my bestie, "From Scratch" by Tembi Locke.   It has brought back many memories of our trip to Sicily earlier this year.





The beginning of the book is set in Florence, and it's  pretty awesome to read about all of these places I have visited.  But of course, it lists a few new places which I plan to check out next May when we are in Florence again.    One of the main characters in the book is a chef born and raised in Sicily so that has definitely spurred memories of the wonderful food we sampled while in Sicily. I'm only on chapter one, so stay tuned.  Meanwhile, let's talk about Sicily.

I was very anxious to explore Sicily after realizing that Allison's great grandparents were from small towns in Sicily.  We researched to find the specific towns where her great grandparents lived and we couldn't wait to experience the culture that her ancestors grew up in.  I have always been obsessed with Genealogy and my burning question has always been WHY here, why did they settle in the towns they did.
My first impression was  how different the landscape and food was from mainland Italy and how much things reminded us of home. I loved how friendly and approachable the Sicilians were to us.  I admired their value of family  and the hospitality they showed us through their love of food, much like most southerners.  
You don't have to have ancestors from Sicily to really enjoy their culture and traditions;  they will make you feel welcome no matter your heritage.  

Three things that really stuck with me:
IMG_5256Sicilian Heritage:  
The connections were evident as we drove throughthe countryside and saw names of cities and towns that were surnames of people we knew.
While we were touring with a private guide in Agrigento, he mentioned that he had visited the United States, he felt most at home in New Orleans because the culture and temperatures were familiar AND THE FOOD!
Rural Landscape
Sicily is wide open country, and every quaint town we visited IMG_2503was pretty far from the next.  As we traveled along we passed wide open green spaces of  livestock, farms, fishing villages, and  beautiful coasts.   As we traveled, our incredible local guides talked about the history of Sicily, their culture and traditions, as well as prepared us for the next stop.  The value of these local guides cannot be understated.  
Proud Sicilians:  
I don't know that I would have appreciated as much of Sicily without the local introductions and hands-on experiences with the dairy farmer, winemakers, chocolatier, etc.  They are such so proud of their heritage and traditions and welcomed us into their homes for the best home cooked meals I have experienced.  They explained about zero-kilometer foods grown and prepared in their gardens and communities using only in-season vegetables.  I know that I enjoyed foods I don't normally enjoy at home and I think it was because everything was so fresh.   This also reminded me of our ancestors living off of the foods they grew on their farms.
IMG_2474Exploring the Sicilian connections, experiencing the rural landscape and interacting with proud Sicilians are only a few of the things that attracted us to Sicily.
If you think Sicily sounds like a place you would like to visit, please reach out, I would love the explore the possibilities with you.
Click here MORE BLOG STORIES for more inspiration and ideas for a travel inspired life
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Medieval Monuments and Top Notch Cuisine

Posted by Tammy Murphy

September 28, 2019 at 9:11 AM


Medieval Monuments and Top Notch Cuisine

Bologna, capital of the Emilia-Romagna is the perfect Italian city for food and culture lovers.  Bologna is about one hour south of Venice, about halfway between Milan and Florence.  
Enjoy an amazing journey through Bologna's culinary legacy and have an aperitivo with a local. 

TASTE traditional freshly baked in-house goods while exploring this beautiful and quaint old university city.  
Enjoy this crowd-free gem May before the big summer crowds.  You will not soon forget the taste of their handmade egg pasta and stuffed pasta, especially tortellini.  The locals will share with you about the Sunday tradition of preparing their famous pasta bolognese, tagliatelle with ragu (they may spend an entire day on this long cooked meat sauce).  Our friends will take you into the mom and pop meat shops for a taste of the famous Bologna salami and ham.  
Admire the heart of Bologna . . . its historic monuments, beautiful churches, and medieval towers as you stroll beneath its many porticoed sidewalks!
Piazza Maggiore is located in the center of Bologna and was once just a grassy area.  In 1200 , the Municipality began purchasing houses and land to create a gathering place.  It's the perfect spot to sit at an outdoor cafe and people watch. 

Savor Tasty Memories!
If you have more than a day,  enjoy these other crowd-free towns in Emilia-Romagna regions:  Parma, Ravenna, Ferrara and Modena.     

Our Italy partners will introduce you to a family that has been crafting traditional balsamic vinegar  that has batches aged up to 150 years old. Watch the process and of course, enjoy the tastes of various vinegars.  
Head for the hills!
The hills of Parma . . . watch milk turn into parmigiano cheese under master cheese makers and of course, taste the cheeses aged 12- 24 or 60 months.
Take a behind the scenes pasta making lesson and savor the fruits of your labor.
Let our experts show you the hidden side of Bologna. 
images (1)Long ago, Bologna was a city built on canals. Get a glimpse of the city the way it used to be.
Visit the university... The Gelato University.
The best reason to visit Bologna is that you can truly discover and immerse yourself into the city instead of being hearded along tourist traps.  ENJOY great food at reasonable prices.  
Ssh, let's keep it a secret a little longer. 
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Today Was So Perfect, It Was Ridiculous!!

Posted by Tammy Murphy

September 16, 2019 at 8:05 AM



It has been a FUN, crazy busy summer, we have clients and friends traveling to France, Italy, Ireland, England, Scotland, New England, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Canada, Turks & Caicos, Alaska, Cabo, Bora Bora , Costa Rica and I'm probably forgetting a few.  Yes, it has been busy, but so rewarding!!!  Busy as it is, it is one of the most fun times of the year... the trips Justin & I have been working on for months, sometimes a year are finally happening and I wake up to see beautiful photos,  texts and facebook posts.  I feel like it's Christmas every morning.

I came across the photo above and I remembered this awesome text:  
"So today was so perfect, it was ridiculous !"   I had to giggle because I knew the next few days would be even MORE 

Fast forward next day, I get this text:
"WOW-Dinner tonight- Holy Cow-- Insert- HUGE SMILE - my heart is so happy!"

I figure a picture is worth a thousand words.  How happy do these folks look?  Would you believe they are in Rome?  Would you believe they are dining in the home of a local chef that invites her family over to socialize as she creates a beautiful meal which is amazing in every way, but what you walk away with is ... The AUTHENTIC experience, breaking bread with some Italians that are now your friends!!

Period, enough said.  Do you want to JUST check off a box or take selfies to say "Been there, done that"? OR would you like  to EXPERIENCE the places, the food, the people?  I can help you travel either way, but I don't miss an opportunity to turn a big vacation into a once-in-lifetime experience. If you or someone you know wants to REALLY experience your next destination, I hope you will share my email or my contact information.

I hope tomorrow is so perfect for you, that it's ridiculous!!!

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Slipping in the back door of Europe

Posted by Tammy Murphy

September 11, 2019 at 11:17 PM

Enjoying Europe Through The Back Door
Do you like slipping in the back door of a restaurant sometimes?  For many, avoiding the crowds is an essential part of ENJOYING their travels. Of course, there’s some irony in being a traveler who complains about all the other tourists cluttering up the landscape, (ha ha) because of course, we’re all contributing to the crowd!
In reality, the best-known places are always going to draw lots of people, and usually and with good reason.  So how can we see the sights without feeling like we’re stuck in a herd of camera-toting sheep? I take great pride in carefully scheduling a great travel plan...designed to minimize crowds and time in line and maximize your enjoyment. Here are our top ten tips for avoiding the worst of the vacation crowds:
  • Hire a local guide
    • My very first suggestion is to hire a private guide, if your budget will allow. A guide knows when the busiest places will have lulls in the crowds, and exactly where to go to soak in a city’s ambiance without being joined by thousands of others with the same idea. I have several well-vetted private guides all over Europe that I use frequently for my clients. You will get so much more out of sights when you see them with a local guide who can make the history come to life. Your tour guide really DOES know it all!
  • Skip the line!
    • Did you know you could do this? A major benefit of using a travel adviser who specializes in Europe (like yours truly) is that they often have the ability to help you skip right past a 2-hour long line and whisk you inside the attraction you’d rather not wait to see. Some of the most important spots with “skip the line” privileges are the Louvre and Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Vatican and Colosseum in Rome and the Accademia (to meet Michelangelo’s amazing David) in Florence, St. Mark's Basilica and Doge's Palace in Venice, etc..
  • Take advantage of jet lag
    • What does that mean? Imagine you managed to stay up until 8pm after an overnight trans-Atlantic flight. Now it’s 5am the next day and you’re wide awake. Get out of bed and  wander through near-empty streets as the city quietly stirs (I adore this time). Enjoy a coffee alongside locals on their way to work. Early morning can be a magical time to explore the streets of Europe
    • image1-7Travel off-peak
      • Have you ever been to Paris in August? The locals have fled the city for their summer vacation, leaving the tourists to take it by storm. A lot of stores, cafes and restaurants are closed. Consider traveling in your destination’s shoulder season (April, May and September-October) – and avoid school holidays like the plague! If you are worried about taking your children out of school, get over it (Ssh, my husband is on the school board,  you didn't hear that from me)! A family trip to Europe will contribute so much more to their future than a “Perfect Attendance” award in 6th grade.
  • Do your research and plan museum visits accordingly
    • Many museums have “free” days once a month; these are always going to be busy days, and best to avoid. Some major attractions (e.g. London’s Tate Modern) stay open late one or two nights a week; visiting the gallery during these extended hourstends to offer a quieter experience.
  • Investigate “alternative” destinations
    • Everyone talks about the big ticket destinations – Rome, Paris, London, Prague – but there’s much magic to be found in Europe’s smaller cities. For instance, if you’re looking to experience Dutch culture, Leiden or Haarlem are beautiful and less crowded alternatives to Amsterdam. (we can find some great alternatives to the hustle-bustle where you will get the authentic “feel” of the country you are visiting).  Haven't you been dying to visit SICILY??
  • Benefit from local insight
    • TALK TO THE LOCALS  to learn about what’s popular with people who live in the city, rather than what’s popular with people who visit or someone that vacationed their once. A good way to incorporate this wisdom into your trip-planning is to use an experienced Travel Professional who specializes in Europe. Our partners  have local connections to obtain inside access and actually live in the destination you are visiting and can give us some great “insider” tips.
  • Choose attractions off the beaten path
    • Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean you have to visit it; you won’t get a failing grade for skipping the supposed “must-sees”.  Don't miss the London sights beyond Buckingham Palace; You can experience Italy without snapping a photo of yourself holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There’s way more to a city than its icons, so let the icons draw the crowds, while you ferret out more unique ways to spend your time.

  • Stay in locally owned smaller hotels that are centrally located
    • Choosing a smaller hotel in a more residential neighborhood with easy access to the places you want to visit is a nice way to escape the crowds at the end of the day. You didn’t travel all the way to Europe to stay in a Holiday Inn or Best Western, did you? Plus, the owners and employees are super helpful in suggesting some little-known jewels for restaurants and sightseeing.  
  • Be a Good Neighbor:  
    • Please patronize European hotels, it is only fair and just to support the communities through hotel taxes that we are so happy to visit.   (it's only fair right?)
  • Be aware of cruise ship docking days
    • If you’re staying in a port-city, find out when the cruise ships dock – then hightail it out of there! And if you’re one of the people debarking from the ship, see Tip #1...then hightail it out of there with your private guide! Today’s mega ships can dump 3000 people off in Rome...all at the same time and all heading for the same sights.
You don't have to miss the "must see" sights to avoid the crowds.  
Plan carefully and seek guidance of travel professional.  We want you to have the BEST vacation EXPERIENCE possible!!!  Travelers thank us every day for showing them the quiet and secret sights, authentic experiences more so than the icons that drew them to the destination in the first place.    It's OK with us, either way, but do you want your photo in front of XXX like everyone else OR do you want to EXPERIENCE  something AUTHENTIC!!!

Which ever your style, we hope you will TRAVEL far and wide and explore this beautiful WORLD!!

road sign.jpg
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Vacation of a lifetime planned!  What could go wrong? Here's the skinny on travel insurance!

Posted by Tammy Murphy

August 28, 2019 at 11:26 PM

Think your health insurance or credit card covers you with insurance while you are traveling on your dream vacation?  You would be AMAZED at what they don't cover and how critical it is to purchase travel insurance from a reputable third party insurance company like Allianz Insurance because the country you are visiting does not accept any medical insurance. 
Don't just take my word for it, open your passport, the U.S. government recommends that you purchase travel insurance before you leave home.   Is travel insurance right for you. ask any jet setter, globe hopper, or traveler that has had a medical emergency or family medical emergency while traveling .   I wouldn't recommend you do this unless I do, and I absolutely purchase travel insurance for each and every trip, sometimes that may be 4-6 per year.  In the last three months, I have helped 2 young couples (plus myself) make claims for unforeseen travel cancellation or interruption.    In fact, it is SO important that we are required to obtain a waiver if travelers choose NOT to purchase travel insurance. 
1.  What is it?
  • Travel insurance is insurance to give us peace of mind financially and otherwise in stressful and unexpected challenges.  Would you purchase a ring, car, etc without insuring it?  So why would you risk not insuring your dream vacation experience or bucket list trip? 
  • Your vacation time and dollars are precious, coverage may include both costs incurred before your trip like non-refundable event, air or hotel stays, and during your trip, including travel interruption and medical expenses.  
  • Depending on coverage elected, coverage may include health benefits,  luggage delayed (buy new outfit), medical evacuation or simply sharing helpful concierge information.
  • It's a lifeline, they are there for you when your travel consultant may be sleeping, 24/7/365 hotline assistance.  They speak many languages and are an extension of our helping hands when you need real-time help in emergency situations, including medical evacuation and pre-trip assistance.
  • Cost is minimal compared to risk.
 2.  Why Do I Need It
  • No one WANTS to cancel their long awaited vacation of a lifetime, but sometimes due to circumstances beyond your control, trip cancellation becomes necessary (50% of the trips, in fact).  Cancellation before you go for covered reasons, based on coverage chosen are entitled to 100% reimbursement, including non-refundable trip payments and deposits.
  • Interruption while you are traveling (you or family member).  You may think the airlines are required to put you in a room if your flight is canceled or delayed.  When they are at fault, they may offer assistance, but they aren't required to.  What if your family member at home is injured or becomes very ill while you are traveling and cases you to end your trip prematurely?
  • Lost, damaged or stolen baggage?  This too happens more than you think.  What if you arrive at your destination with no luggage?    This is just one small benefit of travel insurance.
  • Medical coverage while traveling (medical insurance rarely provides coverage while traveling internationally). Most people are completely surprised by this.
  • Medical evacuation is very complex, however, if you purchased this coverage with Allianz travel insurance that becomes much easier.  Travelers in need will be assigned a case manager to assist you and may coordinate with doctors and nurses of University of Virginia that may work with translators, etc during the emergency.  Depending on need, they will arrange to get you to the nearest medical facility, then work on getting you back to U.S. to the best medical facility.  If you are hospitalized, they may bring family member to you to have support while you are away.   If you do not have third party travel insurance, you will not be picked up unless you pay $20,000 up front (right in middle of medical emergency).  This may cost from $90,000-and up.  This happens more frequently than you can imagine.
3.  Not all insurance providers are created equal
  • Cruise lines specialize in cruises, suppliers specialize in their resorts or destinations, leave the insurance to the insurance experts.   Third party insurers protect the interest of the insured, not the supplier.
  • Insurance offered by your credit card may cover some benefits of travel insurance IF you use that card for each travel expense, but it will not give you the medical coverage/evacuation which is where the cost skyrockets.
4.  Best time to purchase
  • You can purchase up until day before travel, however for the best coverage it should be purchased the insurance on the day (within days) of purchase.
  • Insurance cost is based on age of traveler and cost of trip. 
  • Even if traveling within the United States, it is still important because you will be out of your insurance network and even minor emergency room visits may cost well above what you would pay for insurance premium.
  • What if you booked your trip online before you learned about us at VIP Travel Experience, Click here to contact us and we can still assist you in purchasing your travel insurance even if your trip is already booked.  If you have particular concerns about your situation, we are happy to add Allianz support on the line with us.

5.  There is an APP FOR THAT

  • Travel Smart app is a great reference for hospitals, translation for first aid terms.  Flight stats, not all countries use 911.  All inclusive app to get really great travel information.  The Travel Smart app is free to download on your smart phone. 
Of course, we hope you never have to cancel, interrupt your trip, but we sleep easier knowing your are covered if the unforeseen happens.  It is a minimal cost compared to the value of what you might lose should you not have it.


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Venice - The Travel Experience of a Lifetime

Posted by Tammy Murphy

August 20, 2019 at 2:42 PM


Venezia, a city unlike any other! Not just in Italy, but NO OTHER.  Show me a bucket list of travel destinations and I will be SHOCKED if Venice is not on it.

City on Water

I will NEVER forget the MAGICAL moment stepping into the water taxi andIMG_0413-2.jpg watching the city come to life.  Typically you will arrive in the morning and as your water taxi motors you to your hotel, you watch in amazement . . .  supplies arriving from the mainland and just the idea that there are NO CARS.  It is fabulous . . . the Grand Canal, the quiet hidden canals, narrow bridges!! Travel CAN change your life and it sure did that for me!


Relax, breathe, slow breathing now, you're in the greatest travel destination I can think of!!  It's Italy and its slow and easy here.  Don't expect FAST service, enjoy the slow eats and slow living.  It's part of the Venice charm!!   Don't attempt to see all the sights I include on your itinerary . . . This is just plan B, C, & D depending on area you are in.  Don't miss the Bellini or Proseco!

No stress way to enjoy your Venice vacation

  • Book early so that we can get you a quaint hotel in a great location with back access (you really don't want to pull your luggage on cobblestone streets).  
  • When is the best time to go to vacation in Venice?  ANYTIME!!   I like  April/May, it's always busy, but LESS busy and the weather is great. 
  • Take a locally guided tour of the HOT SPOTS and see them properly.  Sometimes if you don't know the story behind things, you can't fully appreciate the beauty and significance of it. How many times have you looked at something iconic and wonder "what's so great about that?"
  • Hire assistants to transfer you at the airport, to the train station (and sometimes to your gondola  ha ha-you can and WE DID get lost-we could see it but with the alleys that just end, we just couldn't get there). I do believe in no-stress traveling.
  • Hire drivers that will be waiting for you at the end of the train tracks.
  • Take a walking guided tour with reputable, Italian based company.  Don't you want to hear unique stories of locals that were born and raised in Venice.  Oh the stories, they are amazing!  Skip the ques and get access to the sights, guides have pre-ordered priority access (included in tour) and you will make your way straight up to the mezzanine.  Get a close up view of the17110033096_e18d30173f_z.jpg gold mosaic St. Mark's Basilica with marble inlays (this time I happened upon the Basilica right in time for mass-it was so beautiful).  Soak up all of the history, guides will take you a step back in time to the city's glorious past!!  As you walk along the corridors of Doge's Palace, your guide will share fascinating history of the Republic of Venice. Truly, don't skip the guide for St. Mark's Basilica and Doge's Palace.  Oh and Cross the Bridge of Sighs and imagine for a moment the sadness of the prisoners taking their last look at beautiful Venice.  Ask about the most famous prisoner.
  • Pick a couple of must-see spots, enjoy them, take it ALL IN!!  
  • IMG_0279-2.jpgPrivate, serenade Gondola Ride (most people think they all include serenade, not so).  Definitely a highlight for me, the sweetest and most passionate serenade you can imagine--feels like you are the only people in Italy.
  • Because everything in Italy revolves around food, take a Cicchetti Crawl.  Enjoy appetizers while sipping wine in a typical bacari and wander from the Cannaregio District to Strada Nuova and to the Rialo area.  With private tours, the owners will have your tapas and wines ready and waiting as you arrive.

Throw away the map

  • Then throw the map away and wander, wander the Jewish Ghetto, hidden alleys, campo, piazza, cross the bridges.  Enjoy the fact, that you are walking in a maze.  Allow yourself to be surprised by venice in every turn. Enjoy getting lost in Venice.
  • Use all of your senses, not only see all of the beauty, but take time to hear the beautiful Italian conversations, the chiming church bells, the serenades. Smell the wonderful fragrant, fresh fruit stands, or the earthy scent of truffles or pastries, spices as you pass the restaurants and salt water in the canals.IMG_0410.jpg

When you feel like it's a dream come true, it just keeps getting better!

The most important thing is to enjoy your Italy vacation.  Be  a traveler, not a tourist.  Sharpen your photography skills so you can capture "a snapshot in time" to remember the experience and preserve the memories forever  as you explore Venice, the city on water. Looking at my photos BRINGS ME BACK and its always such a beautiful memory! Justin Murphy shares some cool photo tips in this previous blog article.

I truly hope you get to go to Venice, call me, I would LOVE to help you plan the perfect Trip of a Lifetime!  Please tag us when you show off your Venice Travel Adventure  @VIPTravelExperience! (P.S.  don't get too caught up in the photos that you MISS the moment)

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Sharing Adventures means enjoying them 100% more

Posted by Tammy Murphy

August 8, 2019 at 2:32 AM


The beauty of traveling with someone whose company you enjoy!!




“Sharing adventures means enjoying them 100% more.”

That includes vacations!! The beauty of sharing travel with someone whose company you enjoy is wonderful because the trip doesn’t end when you get home! On my recent trip to Sicily with my BFF, we purchased wine, pasta, and everything needed to recreate some of the wonderful meals we experienced there. When we prepare and share this food and wine to share with our family and friends, we will recreate the memories of the incredible times we had on our trip. We are also carving out some time to create photo books of our trip together – looking through all our photos, remembering the time we had chocolate bars and hot cocoa on the steps outside the oldest chocolate shop in Modica…the time we climbed to the top of the Mount Etna volcano amid freezing, blustery winds…the time we made pizzas from scratch and baked them in a stone fire oven in Aragona…These and so many more memories will be relived through the process of preparing our photo books – SHARING our adventures, enjoying them AGAIN and AGAIN. Think of the benefit of a “girls’ trip” where you have several friends experiencing the joy of travel together!



The same benefit apply when traveling with couples!  If you and your spouse enjoy traveling together, why not invite other couples to join you on your next adventure?  Again the SHARING of the activities on the trip and the reliving of the memories once you're home multiplies!  Traveling with small groups (for example 2-4 couples together) can actually provide opportunities for private tours that you may not be able to afford as one couple.  Sharing expenses will allow your group to afford more exclusive, bespoke experiences that are available in so many destinations - private cooking classes, privileged tours, and exclusive guides - things that will make your one-of-a-kind trip so much more memorable!



So, when planning a girls' trip for you and your besties or a romantic getaway for you, your hubby, and some close couple friends, VIP Travel Experience can help!  We can design the perfect experience for you, customized to the interests and tastes of all of your travelers.  We want to share in the planning of the perfect vacation for you to enjoy because ...


Sharing adventures means enjoying them 100% more!


If this sounds like your perfect, no worry vacation, email us justin@viptravelexperience.com tammy@viptravelexperience.com
I would love to make your dream come true.

Are you looking for the perfect travel destination?  We would love to help you with travel tips and more.

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Taste A Little of Stunning Sicily

Posted by Tammy Murphy

May 2, 2019 at 8:00 AM


Sicily is Beaches, Sicily is art, Sicily is lemons the color of Sunshine.  

Sicily is amazing!!




If you're like me, you love discovering #destinations.  It's a big reason why we travel, right?  So, every year, I make a point to explore new locales.  I do this because I love to see the world, meet new people and I LOVE it even more when I am traveling with family or friends--it always brings you closer than you were before.

In addition to all of the benefits of travel, I travel so that I can personally vouch for the experiences I recommend to you and your family.  Not only was this a trip of a lifetime with my bestie, but I experirenced many different experiences in the same village so that I could better match you and your travel preferences to this destination.




I am thrilled to share a little of the next few months about gorgeous #Sicily in southern Italy. 

Did you know that Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean?  It's a land of crystal blue coves, hilltop villages, and ancient ruins. Sicily is authentic Italy - filled with local traditions, foods, and on-of-a-kind sights.



Highlights from my time in Sicily include:

  • Hiking Mt. Etna, Europe's largest active volcano
  • Exploring the Ancient Greek temples near Agrigento
  • Wine tastings in the historic cellars of a local vineyard
  • Strolling the charming villages of Sicily's stunning island

Over the next couple of months, I'll be sharing more and more of Sicily with you.  So, keep your eyes peeled on social medial for Sicily pictures and posts!


If this sounds like your perfect, no worry vacation, email us justin@viptravelexperience.com tammy@viptravelexperience.com
I would love to make your dream come true.

Are you looking for the perfect travel destination?  We would love to help you with travel tips and more.

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One of the hottest new ways to visit Europe

Posted by Justin Murphy

April 27, 2019 at 12:38 AM


From fields covered in tulips in April to December's decadent Christmas markets, hundreds of riverboats sail along Europe's abundant, historic rivers and canals, which span thousands of miles. A European river cruise is one of the best and most efficient ways to explore inland Europe, stopping at many ports, towns, cities, and villages that traditional big ships usually can't access.

What makes a river cruise so different from an ocean cruise is emphasis and immersion into the destinations visited. Every day a new port is featured so there are no days at sea. Multiple guided tours are included to go out exploring a new and enlightening city. With this focus, it's nice that river itineraries in Europe feature a diverse mix of intriguing ports.

 Have an “in-Seine” experience in Paris sailing down the Seine River. Roll down the Rhine River from Amsterdam to Frankfurt. Drift down the Danube River to see the best of Budapest, or even take a merry little Christmas cruise. charles-bridge-743669_960_720.jpg

Though previously river cruises had the reputation for being adapted to the elder generations the newer river cruise ships are appealing to more active and adventurous travelers.  AMA Waterways newest ship proves very intriguing to golfers with its connection for some bucketlist golf destinations.  While still very popular with seasoned travelers,  the next generation of travelers are anxious to expand and enjoy this new experience without the backpacks and hostels. They’ve thought of everything in that you can even rent mobile hot spots for the day so no more outrageous international data plans to worry about. I am speaking from experience, I am counting the days until my next river cruise.

The excursion choices vary depending upon activity level, interests, and destination. Most of the adventures and tours are complimentary, from an evening bike ride along the Danube, a “Midnight in Paris” evening stroll, a canal cruise in Amsterdam, vineyard hikes, castle visits, and so much more. Also if you’ve adventured a little too much or stayed out a little to late and don’t want to explore around the port a certain day there are numerous on board activities offered. Sip wine while you paint on the top deck, take a mixology class and concoct something just for you, relax and center yourself with a yoga class, or have a special culinary experience with the chef’s cooking class. 


To travel is to fully immerse yourself in another culture. What better way to do that than by trying out authentic port specific foods? River cruising many of your on board meals will be inspired by the local fare of the cities you’ll visit, made from ingredients that were sourced just miles down the road. If you happen to be hungry for something a little closer to home you’ll have classic options, comfort food choices and plenty of vegan, vegetarian and various healthy dining choices as well. Uniworld steps it up a notch with their partnership with VizEat to enhance the authenticity to eat like a local and taste the city and share a meal in the home of a U Host. It’s where authentic home cooking meets immersive travel.

There are many choices for the perfect river cruise.  Let us help you find the one that fits you best.   These cruise itineraries are great for college graduation gifts, girlfriend getaways, young groups, and even the solo traveler with the social and intimate feel of  smaller boats and crew.


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