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Posted by Tammy Murphy

November 2, 2016 at 9:38 PM


Are you looking for a secret express lane through customs?  Again, "There's an app for that".   A free app for Apple and Android phones, Mobile Passport, allows you to skip long lines and avoid searching for a pen to complete the pesky customs forms and the passport scanning kiosks at the airport.  Simply wave your phones over a scanner, and VOILA its like magic, step quickly to the customs agent.
Don't misunderstand, its not a substitute for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, but its a good option for avoiding long lines to re-enter the United States, if you don't have precheck or global entry.  Currently its accepted at 20 US Airports, including, but not limited to ATL, JFK, MIA, SEA, ORD and SFO, with more to follow.Click here for complete list
What's behind the magic?
Innovative software authenticator that allows you to generate one-time passcodes instantly on your phone.  
5 easy steps

DO Steps 1-3 before you leave

Step 1: Download the app to your smartphone
Grab the app off of the App Store or Google Play. This is also going to require you having your phone charged by the time you arrive at your home airport, so don’t let the battery die listening to music for 10 hours!
Step 2: Set up your profile
Enter your profile information as it appears on your valid, official passport. You can set up profiles for your entire family. Your information will be encrypted and shared only with CBP.
Step 3: Answer a few questions
Answer CBP’s four brief questions about your trip, and carefully review all of your information for the trip.

Steps 4-5 on return trip home only after landing in United States, because its only good for 4 hours:  
ONLY AFTER YOU LAND IN connecting airport, you’ll have to connect to your cellular network or wi-fi and submit your data to CBP.
Step 4: Submit to CBP
Within a few seconds, you will receive a receipt with an encrypted barcode. Your receipt will be valid for 4 hours.
Step 5: Skip the line and save time
Follow the MOBILE PASSPORT CONTROL signs and skip the lines!
Show your passport to the CBP officer and scan the barcode on the CBP receipt. Wave goodbye to all the people giving you the side eye in the normal lines.


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