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Posted by Tammy Murphy

May 4, 2017 at 8:00 AM

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Italy has as many variables as a calculus equation. The vast differences between each region and landscape is majestic, yet breathtaking. You’ve roamed Rome. You’ve feasted in Florence. You’ve ventured to Venice. You've been taken to Tuscany. 

What’s left to see in Italy? Moltissimo (so much), my friend! From snow-capped Alps to the sumptuous shores of Lake Garda, Italy brims with astounding escapes. Italy is one of those destinations that you can return to again and again and never grow tired.

There’s just so much… to see… to do… to EAT!

This year, I toured the Veneto region with one of my trusted Italian travel partners.

We walked Venice's winding back streets. Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.17.30 AM.png

We cruised canals, drifting past Renaissance villas.

We sipped fizzy wine in the ancient cellars of Prosecco.

Traveling with a local expert makes all the difference! You see the main sights, of course, but you’ll also discover the secret spots tour books never mention – the ristorante run by a grandma or the family-run vineyards that are closed to the public. You don't feel like a tourist... you feel part of someone else's world.
For me, the city of Verona is one of these secret local gems. Just an hour from Venice by train, Verona has a romantic charm all its own. In its historic center, you'll see the Ancient Roman arena. Like the Colosseum in Rome, this stone arena housed tens of thousands of spectators in ancient times. During the summer months, you can even enjoy opera outside at this ancient site!

On a hidden medieval alley, you clamber over cobblestone to arrive at Verona's most romantic place: Juliet's balcony. Yes, ::the:: Juliet from Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. A coat of arms located in the courtyard indicates that the home once belonged to the "Dal Cappello" or "Cappelletti" family. Don't be surprised if you see young lovers proposing to each other as you stand on Juliet's famed perch.

This is the real Italy. This is why you travel. I’m here to make it happen.

Ciao, ciao from Italy!
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