7 Easy Ways to Avoid Money Disasters While Traveling Abroad

Posted by Tammy Murphy

June 1, 2017 at 5:40 AM

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While VIP Travel Experience does not advocate overthinking potential travel mishaps, we do like to prepare our clients with some simple travel tips IF circumstances may not happen according to plan.
1.  Notify your bank and credit card company of your destination and dates of travel before you leave.
You can usually take care of this on-line, although I recommend posting this several weeks in advance of trip so there are no delays.  If you don't think about it until the week of travel, you may be best advised to call and speak to a representative.   Take this opportunity to ask about any security measures they may enforce while you are traveling abroad.   One of the great things about security of our bank and credit cards could catch you off guard while trying to make a purchase on your vacation if you skip this tip, charges may be temporarily blocked if banks are unaware of your travel plans.
2.  Take multiple cards with you.Time flies. It's up to you to be the navigator..png
Don't be surprised if American Express is not accepted abroad or in small mom and pop establishments.  American Express charges high fees from the companies that accept it, and is therefore not as commonly accepted as Visa and MasterCard.

3.  Make copies of your credit cards and "if lost phone numbers"
In the unfortunate event that your cards are lost or stolen, having copies of your cards and the contact phone numbers on the back of them stored in your hotel safe will allow you access to your bank's international contact numbers.  Please note, this is different than the typical 1-800 number.
UNPLUG! LET GO & LET LIVE.png4.  Cash on hand for emergencies
In the unfortunate event that internet is down, establishments may enforce "cash only" policy.  In addition,  I have happened upon an ATM machine that is not working appropriately, so it is nice to have a Plan B until you can locate another working ATM. US currency can be exchanged for local currency in times of emergency.
5.  Best Conversion Rates
Generally, credit cards offer the best conversion rates, but please check with your bank before you leave.  I generally get a small amount of destination currency before I leave from my local bank, and I will use ATM when I arrive for better rates, however, credit card purchases are my first preference.  Note:  Confirm that ATM machines are available in your destination prior to leaving.
6.  Don't use public WIFI for banking purposes
If you do not have international ready cell phone or want to incur roaming charges, using public WIFI (internet cafe, airport, cafes, hotel, etc) is great.  However, please do not use for banking or sensitive information as it is rarely secure.
7.  Know your ATM daily limits
Check with your bank before you leave to know your daily limits of withdrawals per person and per account.  Having access to several accounts is recommended in case someone's card is lost or stolen.
I'm sure that everything will be great for your next international trip, however, heeding these simple tips may save you a world of stress IF things go awry.
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