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Posted by Tammy Murphy

July 1, 2016 at 10:53 AM

I love a good challenge, details and I love travel, so this career was a perfect fit for me.  Creating itineraries for clients is so exciting to me.  It is also challenging and extremely time consuming.  Sometimes I have clients that know exactly where they want to go, what they want to do, and exactly what they want to spend, the flip-side is having clients who don't know exactly where they want to go or what they might enjoy while traveling.  Both options are exciting in their own way.  I have a family departing soon for an absolutely amazing trip to Yellowstone National Park.  They had never been to any national parks or any place in the United States for that matter, and they were seeking a fully customized, off the beaten path trip--amazing vacation that was all their own. 
The hard part at the beginning though, was being able to uncover what the experience was they were after.  My client knew exactly what her family wanted to do while visiting the Grand Canyon.   She provided great details on the web itineary questionnaire, we had a great phone consultation.    What followed were weeks of planning and tweaking, until the trip that evolved was simply perfect for her family and she was so excited and amazed at "what almost happened" had we not really connected the dots of where and how.  Keep reading, I think you'll be surprised how we arrived there.
Well it became a bit challenging when I realized that the activities that were important to each family member were on 4 opposite points of the Grand Canyon and she had already shared that she was not a fan of traveling from Point A to Point B, to C, to D.  In addition, the temperature would be well over 100 degrees and torrential rainfall during the time she planned to travel.  Once she realized that IF she had booked her hotel and air on her own then worried about the excursions afterwards, it would have been a horrible surprise to learn all of the driving required and the experience would not be what they hoped for.
I was very thankful I was able to save her from that kind of vacation.  She is super excited and they are about to depart for an amazing adventure to  . . . YELLOWSTONE.
  • Convertible Jeep Rental (not available at airport rentals but we found it for her)
  • Private Morning Wildlife Tour of Grand Teton National Park
  • Scenic Float on the Snake River
  • Overnight Camping in a Riverside Teepee
  • Whitewater Rafting on the Snake River
  • Jackson Rodeo
  • Flight Seeing from Jackson to West Yellowstone
  • Private Guided Tour of Yellowstone National Park
  • Private Trail Ride
  • Covered Wagon Cookout Dinner
  • Lots of free time each day to just explore their resort and nearby towns
  • Added an extra day for rest
Would I try to talk you out going to the Grand Canyon?  Absolutely not, I would love it if everyone could visit the Grand Canyon.  In this particular instance, the time of year and the activities on their wish list just didn't work for that particular client, so it turned out that Yellowstone and Grand Teton were more closely aligned to their personalities (and the time of year they were traveling).
My favorite thing about their trip is that it is their's.  What they may not have known at the beginning of the planning process, they were able to better describe and decide on as the planning process was underway.  And the best part is that they have a live person to contact and reach out to throughout (and prior) their trip with questions are additional assistance, as well as someone at the destination.  Vacation planning may come naturally to some after years of doing it, but it can be quite intimidating to many.  I am available via email, phone and text while they are away.
I plan travel for seasoned travelers as well as new travelers.  My biggest goal is to always help you have the trip that aligns with your interests, personality.  Whichever traveler you are, I would love to partner with you on your next trip.  Contact me to get started.
Email me I would love to hear your favorite experiences and how your perspective was changed?  Together we can create the best vacation experience for YOU.  It's a big world out there -- we hope you EXPERIENCE it.

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