7 Secrets to Bucket List Success

Posted by Tammy Murphy

July 9, 2016 at 9:00 AM

What do you want to do before you kick the bucket?  Yikes-I'm sorry if I'm scaring you!!  But seriously, that is the question I ask myself each week because I'm starting to realize that my list might be longer than my years!  ha ha  I used to think  that Bucket Lists were for people with a serious illness or over 40 or 50 years olds.  After taking the steps below, I realized it is actually A WAY TO LIVE!!  
Do you have a bucket list in mind or on paper?  Do you think of things on your bucket list and stop mid-way because you think it's impossible? Do you have a list and hope for the best?  Or do you hope for the best and make a plan?
Of course, bucket lists consist of more things than travel, however, travel bucket lists are the things I hear so many friends sharing.  What I have learned about my bucket list is that when I write it and believe it will happen, unbeknowst to me, it happens.  I guess once something takes the form of a written list, I subconsciously think about it more often, somehow opportunities arise out of the blue (I tend to think its blessings), but most importantly I have that desire to CHECK OFF a list. 
Some people look at other people and wonder why all the good things seem to happen to others.  But friend, I'm here to tell you, it can happen just as easily to YOU!!  The world is full of miracles, opportunities and possibilities.  What is there to lose?? If you need some inspiration to get started, here's a link to my BUCKET LIST .   Here are some tips that I hope will inspire you to write your bucket list today:
  • Dream 
  • Write your list or put pictures on a Dream Board
  • Commit to your dreams & share with a friend
  • Immerse yourself in the joy and love of it
  • Don't get caught up in the HOW
  • Wait for your opportunity
  • Take action

For example, I began looking at my list and prioritizing.  On New Year's Day while the guys were watching football, the girls were flipping through magazines and tearing out pics to go along with their bucket list.  Adding pictures seemed to be a pivotal action for me this year.  I did not think there was any possibility of some of the things on my board and guess what?? Eight of the 5 things have already  happened.  I can't describe to you the amount of gratitude in my heart right now; I am so grateful to have all of these opportunities in front of me!!  And I know it can happen for YOU too. 

Helpful tips: Probably the first 20-30 things on your list are travel related, but don't forget the other things like daily upgrades to your life.  My list is somewhat different today than the list from 15 years ago-grow with your list.   It's OK to change your mind, hopefully we are all growing and changing each day, so naturally your list will change as well.

Email me tammy@viptravelexperience.com I would love to hear your bucket list action plan? Together we can create the best vacation experience for YOU.  It's a big world out there -- we hope you EXPERIENCE it.        

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