Best Vacation Ideas for 2017

Posted by Tammy Murphy

December 21, 2016 at 4:48 PM

Is it just my family?

For some reason, as one year comes to a close, travel plans are the hot topic in our family.  We all love something to look forward to and what better than vacation plans?  
I don't think it's just my family because phones are already ringing off the hook.  So what's on your list for 2017?  

1. FullSizeRender(11).jpgBora Bora.  See the fifty shades of blue in French Polynesia.  Stay in an over water bungalow, snorkel with the stingrays and sharks or rent a yacht to get a more up close and personal experience in the water and finding little private motus.   Words cannot describe my recent experience and I truly hope each of you can experience that sooner rather than later.

Europe. Board a river cruise ship and take a convenient journey to explore charming little towns along the Rhone, Seine, Main, Danube or Rhine.   FullSizeRender(13).jpgSpend a day with a French chef learning to cook Provencal-style. Truffle hunt in Provence or if you love visiting wine vineyards, its on the itinerary as well. No packing or unpacking, just sit back and watch the scenery you've read about in history books unfold before your eyes.    

Food and Wine Travel.  NOW is always the perfect time to visit Italy.   The opportunities to enjoy food and wine of Italy are limitless.35.jpg

Can't imagine a better place to see stunning coastlines, mystical vineyards and storied landmarks.  Enjoy scintillating views while enjoying a magical meal.  For a more bespoke experience, spend the morning hours gathering  ingredients at the local fresh market and join a local chef  in his home to create a meal to remember while learning more about the way locals live.

Caribbean Dreams

FullSizeRender(12).jpg Some mystical experiences are hidden in the mountains of the Caribbean.  Are you looking for some little hidden spots to explore for a new Caribbean experience?  This is one of those spots we found on a recent trip there.  We would love to share our little secrets with you.

These are just a few ideas from my travels in 2016 to spur interest, VIP Travel Experience specializes in unique, exclusive personalized travel planning.  We design individualized journeys, small and group tours, deluxe accommodations, and exceptional excursions, suited to each client based on our personal experience, ongoing research, relationships and professional expertise.

Benefits of working with VIP Travel Experience include:

  • Truly expert advice
  • Flexible, structured to your schedule
  • Authentic Experiences and unique behind-the-scenes opportunities
  • Professional individualized attention to detail and execution of a well planned trip
  • Beautiful proposals and detailed travel documentation (print and electronic)
  • Excellent value pricing
  • Memories to last a lifetime
  • We make you the hero of your family by wowing your family members with an incredible trip.
Click here MORE BLOG STORIES for more inspiration and ideas for a travel inspired life.
Email me, I would love to help you plan your vacation to ANYWHERE!  Together we can create the best vacation experience for YOU.  It's a big world out there -- we hope you EXPERIENCE it.

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