3 Secrets to the Ultimate Private Luxury Travel Experience

Posted by Robert Landen

May 7, 2015 at 11:49 AM

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Vacations are often valued as a means of escape. While it is true that travel provides a break from the ritual stresses of modern life, a vacation is not simply the act of running away from daily troubles. It is also the chance to enrich your life, to reawaken your sense of excitement, and to make attainable your wildest desires. When you depart to a new or favored destination, you transcend your normal routine and enter a world where all things ordinary become spectacular. This is a time when you are encouraged, beyond all else, to relish in the very delight of existence.  

Because travel provides you with a unique opportunity to indulge without restraint, it can be difficult to assess which factors will contribute the most to your stay. Oftentimes, the best trips result from factors beyond the destination itself. So, rather than focus on how many stars your hotel possesses, you need only to read on. For the ultimate experience in personal travel, here are our top three secrets for achieving luxury away from home. 

Secret #1 - Time Your Trip Wisely

Vacations are a time of indulgence. Whether you wish to partake in a lavish trip filled with spa days and top-notch room service or simply need a quiet oasis where you can give in to periods of introspection, it is important that you get the most from your time away from home. This is why it is crucial to choose a time when you have as few obligations as possible. While a change in scenery is always a welcome distraction, it is difficult to transition into a state of complete relaxation when your phone is constantly buzzing. The best way to immerse yourself in your vacation is to depart at a date when you have no unfinished work to bog you down. This way, you can simply silence your mobile devices, turn down the stress meter, and allow yourself to be enveloped by luxury. 

Secret #2 - You Do You

If you're bringing a significant other with you, it can be difficult to remember that there's nothing forcing you to stay together the whole time. Certainly it's an experience to share and cherish in the coming years, but you're not going to cherish time spent waiting on your wife to finish shopping or your husband to play the back nine. If you're bringing your spouse, it's perfectly fine to admit that you enjoy different parts of the experience and go your separate ways for a few hours. Your vacation isn't a one day affair and neither is your marriage, so go ahead and make time for your interests. At the end of the day, you can meet up at a fine restaurant and swap stories. 

Secret #3 - Allow Yourself to Enjoy the Trip

From the scale of the Empire State Building to the depth of the culture in Monaco, a luxury vacation experience is the product of intense cultivation, every moment calculated for the greatest impact. The paradox, then, of the self-planned travel experience is that the greater the experience you craft for yourself, the more effort is required. If you want to do one thing then two other prerequisites spring up, and all your hard work begins to eat its own tail. There's simply no way to avoid this entirely when planning your own vacation, meaning that every travel experience you try to craft for yourself will always be a two or three star trip.

What is the obvious answer? Don't plan your own trip! A travel manager can craft a once-in-a-lifetime experience with no hassles for you, freeing you to simply enjoy your vacation in peace and luxury. Some important aspects to look for in a potential travel manager include an eye for detail, experience, and the access that only they can get for you. Experienced travel managers will have partners and connections worldwide, netting you exclusive access not available to the average person. Not only can a travel management agency get you into your dream event, a top-notch luxury concierge can get you the best seats in the house, and afterwards, they can get you into the VIP cocktail parties that follow.

If you decide you are ready to take your vacation to the next level of luxury, contact one of the luxury travel agencies at any time, and they will be happy to start planning your next adventure.

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